Why do you need to sign in to search for homes

I know. You do not want to be called or emailed by a real estate agent just yet. You just want to look at houses. I really do get it.

How about this? Please sign in, using your correct telephone number and email address for two reasons. One, my search function is really great and you can search for homes day and night, you can plug in your search criteria, and you can have listing sent to you directly from this website! It only works if you put in your correct email.

The second reason is I work hard and I am 27 year veteran in the industry. If you put your phone number in, I will call to say hi. I will call to say welcome to the website. I will offer to help you with any questions. I may ask you some questions and you may find that you like me.

I can promise you one thing. If you ask me not to call you again, I will make a note of it and I will not call you again. I only want an opportunity. And I would really appreciate it if you give it to me.

I will follow up my call with an email so that you have my contact information. If you sign up for email alerts on listings, you’ll get them. I think you’ll love the search function, so I hope you will give it chance.

Thanks for reading…