Meals on Wheels

In February of 2009, I was promoted in my volunteer position at Meals on Wheels.  In addition to delivering meals once a week, I was now going to visit people who think they may be interested in being a Meals on Wheels recipient.

During my first solo interview, the man, I’ll call him Joe Smith, needed the meals because he has been getting woozy, falling down, is on oxygen and has some trouble walking.  Joe was delightful and as we sat and chatted he told me about his most recent fall that landed him in the hospital, where he stayed for 12 days, during which one of those days was his birthday.  While Joe was talking, I was making sympathetic noises and finally Joe looked at me and told me I’d have to stop giving him sympathy, he didn’t want it.  I smiled and said I was not giving him sympathy, I was being empathetic.  He thanked me and continued the story with me once again, forgetting myself, and making the ohhhh, awwww kind of noises that to Joe sounded like sympathy.  He told me I was doing it again and I told him he was just going to have to get used to it.  I’m Italian, and this is how I’m wired.

I stayed a bit longer than I was told an interview of this kind would take and at one point Joe and I were laughing so hard that Joe’s back went into a spasm!  I said I was sorry and he said, are you kidding?  I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time.  I admitted that this was my first solo interview and he told me that if all of my interviews go half as well as this one, I was in good shape.  I called him again later that day and he thanked me again for an enjoyable visit.  I thanked him too, because it was just as enjoyable for me.

I went on my second solo interview and met a lovely Italian woman, whom I will call Rosa.  Rosa is battling breast cancer and is feeling ill from the chemotherapy.  Rosa and I got along like a house on fire, started comparing family life as Italians are wont to do.  We chatted and laughed and Rosa told me about her life, her children and granchildren.  Rosa asked about my life, my husband and children and I left there feeling wonderful.

Meals on Wheels is a wonderful organization.  If you have been thinking about getting involved in your community, this is an excellent, small time commitment way to help someone in need.  To find out more about Meals on Wheels in Chester County, go to


Meals on Wheels of Chester County


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